Testimonial - Mr. Chu

Life is too short to let it pass you by. Back in September, 2017, I had a major anxiety attack due to the overwhelming workload I had at work, home and everything seemed to be weighing down on me. I had ballooned up to 197lbs, was drinking nearly 10oz of Tito’s vodka a day, and going through a 2.4L handle a week. I really just gave up and nearly called it quits.

Around that time, I was looking at Facebook and saw a posting about a “keto” diet, which seemed to be the biggest fad out there. However, after doing research about it, I wasn’t really impressed, since it was a high fat diet, and I was already having blood pressure, cholesterol issues as well as being on a plethora of other medications. I came across a posting from a friend, Christine Leakos, who I haven’t seen in years, but was a fellow triathlete.

I reached out to her wondering how it changed her life, not realizing that the post was nearly 5 years old. We started talking and Christine really took me under her wing. We went through all of my challenges that I was facing, and was talking to me as a friend, however we were never really that close when we did know each other (just hi/bye acquaintances).

Christine recommended a diet for me, however noted that I had to stick to it if I wanted to get my life back into shape. Christine stated that she was going to be there all the way through for me, but I was ultimately responsible for my own life. Christine started me on some nutritional supplements that she sent to me to try out. They were pretty decent and then I started purchasing them myself. This was just a ‘starting point’.

She gave me a detailed plan, and when I say detailed it basically was cutting out all of the bad crap in my life (alcohol, fats, grease, dairy, carbs), and also instructed me on how to eat. (Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner) and not to eat past a certain time as well, as that could be bad for my gut. That I had to drink plenty of liquids (water), and never anything other than that.

When I would go out to restaurants, I would take a screenshot, and text it to her to see if that was sufficient to eat, and she was always there to reply with a big NO – are you kidding me? Stick to the plan, and you will feel better. TRUST ME! (And when I went off and ate something I shouldn’t have, I definitely felt the pains that night and days following) I put my complete trust in her, and 4 months after I started my journey with her, I lost 45 pounds, went from a 38/40 waist to a 32 (loose waist), I am off my cholesterol medications, and cut down the dosage from 17mg of my blood pressure meds to 6mg and I am hoping to get off it within the next few months as well.

I have learned to eat properly now, and am still alcohol free to this day (8 months later). I do have my cravings and have fallen off the ‘wagon’ to say, but always feel like gunk when I do, and when I do get myself back onto the wagon and start eating healthy again to feel better. I honestly could say that there isn’t a better person out there to help you with your goals. She believes in you more than you will.

And once you take the journey with her, she will restore your faith in yourself and get you to see the goals that you desire. I am truly grateful for everything that she provided me and am even more glad that she is a great friend now.

-Clifford S Chu I am more than happy to share this with anyone as well.