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Why Patients are Using CBD to Stop Drinking

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, excessive alcohol usage claims the lives of nearly 90,000 adults annually nationwide. Moreover, the data regarding excessive alcohol use and the negative effects it can have on the body has been made widely accessible for years. Unfortunately, individuals still choose to drink and indulge in excessive alcohol usage. This is due to the increased levels of the body's dependency (tolerance) regarding alcohol. With health concerns associated with COVID-19 growing at a horrifying rate, individuals are becoming more serious about eliminating alcohol addiction. CBD is becoming an effective alternative for those who suffer from alcohol addiction. In fact, CBD can help patients put down the bottle for good.

Recent Findings on CBD and Alcohol Addiction

Unlike THC, CBD (or Cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. This means that CBD does not get you 'high.' Additionally, recent studies have shown CBD to be quite useful for those who suffer from alcohol addiction. One particular study  performed in June 2019 found that CBD can "attenuate alcohol consumption and potentially protect against certain harmful effects of alcohol, such as liver and brain damage." This means that CBD is help devalue the body's need for alcohol while warding consumers from the known damage alcohol is known to have, including addiction. NoHiCBD is here to assist patients who are serious about quitting alcohol. We offer Quit Alcohol All Natural CBD Formula Flower Power Capsules that can help adults ward off alcohol addiction.  

How NoHiCBD Wants to Help You Quit Drinking

NoHiCBD Cannabis Therapeutics is a CBD dispensary for individuals who may suffer from sleep disorders, alcohol addiction, mild to chronic pain, anxiety, depression, or may be at risk for conditions such as Cancer or Diabetes. Additionally, all the products available at NoHiCBD are vegan, soy-free, and gluten-free.  The staff at NoHiCBD Cannabis Therapeutics are professionally trained to provide every patient with the essential education on CBD such as dosage, timeliness, and more.  For more information on how CBD can help alcohol addiction, contact us at NoHiCBD.com.

Quit Alcohol All Natural CBD Relief Formula

Recommended Dosage:
Take 1 to 2 capsules every 5 to 8 hours as needed, and can be taken up to 3 times a day and most have an accumulative effect.

Ingredients: CBD Isolate, Evening Primrose Oil, Kudzu Root, Quit Melon, Gymnema Sylvestre, Milk Thistle Oil and Skullcap.

The Facts
All capsules are vegetarian and contain standardized lab tested botanical concentrates. 

CBD content is 5mg per capsule, which is often an average dose for most individuals. CBD acts as an ingredient booster to standardized botanicals.

Capsules can be taken up to three times a day.  Can be combined with other CBD products.

This product does not contain any THC and safe for those going through routine drug screenings.

These capsules are sensitive to sunlight and heat.  Capsule contents, such as cocoa butter and coconut will occasionally melt or leak outside of capsules.  

Some herbs may cause allergic reactions in susceptible individuals and/or may not be right to use for particular health conditions. We recommend you seek out licensed health and/or medical practitioner before using any herbal products. 

NoHiCBD is not responsible for any misuse or possible side effects of a product. Test product on a small sensitive area before use for any possible side effects.

This handcrafted product was manufactured and formulated by WCS.